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The Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (CAUTG) was founded by eighteen professors from twelve universities who met on June 14, 1961 during the Learned Societies’ Conference, now Congress, at the Université de Montréal.

As a registered charity, the CAUTG’s objectives are to

  • promote Germanic Studies in Canada through teaching and research, primarily at the post-secondary level. Germanic Studies as the field of common professional interest is understood to include not only German, but also other Germanic languages besides English, as well as scholarship related to the literatures, cultures, and linguistics of these languages, past and present;
  • provide a forum for discussion for all matters relevant to the CAUTG and its members;
  • collaborate with other associations whose interests may be similar, in particular the Humanities and Social Science Federation of Canada;
  • organize the association’s annual conference and host a listserv;
  • publish the CAUTG-Bulletin and  Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies;
  • recognize the best Canadian undergraduate and graduate theses in German, as well as Canada’s most distinguished scholars of German with the Hermann Boeschenstein Medal;
  • publicize and promote scholarships, as well as the exchange of students and scholars.

Today, the CAUTG’s Board of Directors is composed of approximately twenty members from numerous Canadian institutions. The majority of CAUTG’s members are also working at Canadian post-secondary universities. Membership, however, is open to anyone from anywhere who is interested in furthering the objectives of the association. Donations are also welcome.

Please refer to the CAUTG’s Bylaws to learn more about the Association.

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